Book Review #1

We’d like to offer you regular book recommendations and insights into our favourite reading in the field of employer branding and HR in our ‘Flurfunk’ section. We hope you enjoy our first tip:

The Employee Experience Advantage

„How to win the War for Talent by giving employees the workspaces they want, the tools they need, and a culture they can celebrate.“

  • Recommendation of: Andreas Hamm
  • Release Date: 16. Mai 2017
  • Author: Jacob Morgan
  • Language: Englisch
  • Pages: 304
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According to one of the most extensive and reputable studies on workplace quality, the Gallup Engagement Index for 2016 shows that only 15% of employees have a high level of engagement within the company. 70% have a low level and 15% have no engagement at all. These values have remained almost constant over the last 15 years, even though the topic of engagement and the level of financial investment in it have enjoyed increasing attention. How can this discrepancy be explained?

Jacob Morgan feels that the reason for this is primarily the focus of many companies on “engagement” as an effect created using short-term “adrenaline shots” and not on the causes of high employee attachment, the employee experience.

If we follow the definition in the book, there are three levels of engagement:

  1. Actively disengaged: unhappy employees who undermine their coworkers
  2. Not engaged: employees who are checked out and sleepwalking through their jobs
  3. Engaged: employees who work with passion, feel connected to the company, and help move the organization forward

But isn’t an employee who is “engaged” the minimum that a company should expect? So it’s just a school grade of 3. Shouldn’t there be many more levels above this? There should!

The Employee Experience Advantage shows, on the basis of  150+ manager interviews, an analysis of 250 global players and 150 studies, an innovative way for companies to invest in the Employee Experience architecture in order to achieve a real business impact.

In this the author presents the three most important areas of “CELEBRATED culture”, “ACE technology” and “COOL physical spaces” and how these can be authentically improved within the context of the individual company. As a supplement to this, the book offers inspiring case histories for implementation in practice.

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Finally, a little trailer for the book. We think that this is essential reading for all companies who want to place their employees centre stage and invest in internal employer branding.