Hello there new buddy!

Natascha: What’s the biggest challenge for you at the moment? 
Leonie: Of course, the biggest challenge for me is my new position as Campaign Manager for a leading LEZ company. The job at grapevine is also my first “proper” job. Compared with being a student on practical training, I now have more responsibility, and that’s the great thing about it. And if I’m honest, getting up early is also a challenge – every single morning.

Natascha: What career did you parents think you would go into?
Leonie: I think my parents would have liked me to become a teacher, because it has a clearly defined career profile.

Natascha: And how did they react to your job as Campaign Manager at grapevine?
Leonie: They’re pleased for me and very proud. But they don’t really know (yet) what exactly I do here. … I’ll explain it briefly in simple terms: As Campaign Manager, I work with my team on looking after a major key account and am responsible for the smooth implementation of target group communication at various specialist and career levels. Planning and managing employer branding companies involves lots of different elements and is a good mixture of strategic and operational tasks. What I also find particularly exciting is working with our digital experts and talking with HR service providers and the customer.

Natascha: What would you recommend to your younger self today?
Leonie: Take time out after A levels and go on a world trip. There will be plenty of time for study afterwards …

Natascha: What achievement in life are you most proud of?
Leonie: Definitely, getting my Master’s Degree in Culture and Communications Management!

Natascha: What makes grapevine special in your eyes?
Leonie: Obviously – the people who work here! We’re really a mixed bunch, and the people have been warm and welcoming from the first day.

Natascha: Thanks, Leonie:) For all those seeking a new challenge and who fancy joining grapevine …