We stand for authentic employer branding, communication with the target group on an equal footing, digital solutions and goal-oriented action at every level.

We specialise in school pupils and students / graduate marketing in the specialist areas of IT, economic sciences and engineering, which makes us the ideal partner for communicating your apprenticeship, trainee and entry-level programmes. We make sure that recruitment goals are met in the short term and take care of positioning your employer brand in the long term. We also offer valuable experience and expertise in developing an employer brand for bottleneck and key functions (young professionals / professionals) within your company.


If you love employer branding and want to work in a fun and relaxed environment on difficult problems with great people for great clients… we want to hear from you!

Oliver Burauen

Managing Director

Marina Kaisler

Head of Research & Strategy

Leonie Wehner

Teamlead Media Consulting

Anika Schmid

Client Consultant

Enrico Geigle

Managing Director

Marina Feurer

Client Consultant

Tatjana Sawkow

Media Consultant

Stefan Witzmann

Head of Media Consulting

Daniela Manske

Head of HR (Elternzeit)

Jasmin Tabib-Tabeshian

Senior Consultant

Martina Woryna

Head of Concept & Creation

Michael Schwärzer

Sn. Online Marketing Manager

Jasmin Beck

Media Consultant

Anna Krieg

Media Consultant

Vincenz Brandl

Art Director

Manuela Manolova

Senior Digital Consultant

Claudia Wild

Employer Brand Strategist

Melissa Goll

Client Consultant (Elternzeit)

Julia Zuber

Research & Data Analyst

Danijela Vrankovic

Client Consultant

Hanna Volgger

Project Consultant

Daniela Högerl

Client Consultant

Angelika Köhle

Office Manager

Marcus Nitzsche

Media Consultant

Lisa-Maria Kornsteiner

Media Consultant

Regina Wimmer

Project Consultant

Sebastian Pechak

Media Consultant

Martina Stais

Online Marketing Manager

Natascha Lackner

Project Consultant

Nicola Ruttensperger

Media Consultant

Tamara Ringer


Vanesa Antonio

Working Student

Joshua Gerstendorf

Working Student

Linus Stetter

Working Student

Anke Christ

Art Director

Susanne Wiedemann

Teamlead Project Consulting

Sandra Spasovska

Working Student

Laurina Kopp

Art Director

Florian Lutz

Social Media Manager

Lena Schwab

Campaign Manager

Peter Mertens
Senior Art Director
Amadeus Geigle
Working Student
Nina Kari