As a client-oriented service company, as a value-oriented employer and as individuals seeking fulfilment, we share a vision.

At grapevine, we are looking for like-minded seekers of meaning who see the journey as the goal and recognise constant change as the new status quo.

We are convinced that selfless self-realisation, which is characterised by intrinsic motivation and self-organisation, ultimately leads to success.

Not because success is the goal, but the result.


We want to become the best employer (branding agency) we can be.


We strive to be the best in class by going the extra mile and practice what we preach.


We are open-minded and honest. We are empathic and tolerant. We are humorous and human.


We share the vision to become the best version of ourselves – For us, our clients and society.

Big Five for Life
The "Big Five for Life" concept by the successful author John Strelecky impressed us. It is a concept that is as simple as it is effective in shaping the personal search for meaning. We make it possible for every employee to join us on the journey to his or her personal Big Five and try, within the scope of our possibilities, to support every colleague in finding and living his or her Big Five.
Agency Life
We are young and wild - at least in our hearts. We don't care about political correctness when we make jokes. What counts for us is justice, equality and sustainability. We are a team consisting of many colorful individuals. We are all so different and therefore complement each other perfectly. We do a lot of nonsense because sometimes this also really makes sense. We are always there for each other.
Start up Spirit
We cultivate an open and curious mind. We admit mistakes, stand by them and learn from them. We are always on the move, open to change. We try out new things and try to be pioneers, early adopters and thought leaders.
People First
First and foremost, we are humans. And the well-being of each individual is very important to us. At the same time, however, we are also a (value) community, whose well-being we always keep in mind. We try to do justice to everyone, but also to remain fair to everybody.

As an employer, grapevine is characterised by the principles “best in class”, “practice what you preach” and “extra mile”.

We try to be honest and sincere in being the best employer we can be for our employees.

For this purpose, we use and implement everything that we would recommend to our customers, where it makes sense.

We – the directors and managers – literally go the extra mile for our employees.

We see ourselves as a community of values that strives together for fulfillment – in business and private life.

We are the grapevine family.

You want to become
part our family?

Oliver BurauenManaging Director
Enrico GeigleManaging Director
Tanja JeswaniDirector Concept & Creation
Stefan FichtelDirector New Business
Jasmin BeckTeam Lead
Jonathan LangSenior Consultant
Lena SchwabSenior Consultant
Isabelle KarstenConsultant
Emma SchreierWorking Student
Daniela ManskeTeam Lead
Nicola RuttenspergerProject Lead
Anna-Lena BredowConsultant
Kristina NussConsultant
Amadeus GeigleWorking Student
Claudia WildTeam Lead
Constantin PelkaSenior Consultant
Dina El GamalConsultant
Catherine KubpartWorking Student
Tatjana SawkowProject Coordinator
Anika SchmidSenior Project Lead
Tenisha JacksonSenior Planner
Anita WachenderSenior Planner
Yonca TaskiranPlanner
Fanny OmmertWorking Student
Katja HeitmannWorking Student
Ashkan SchariatmadaryWorking Student
Peter MertensCreative Director
Anke ChristSenior Art Director
Laurina KoppArt director
Stephanie BarisicGraphic Designer
Natascha LacknerConceptioner & Copywriter
Matt LeonhardConceptioner & Copywriter
Hans RatzmannSenior Digital Expert
Martina StaisOnline marketing manager
Florian LutzOnline Marketing Manager
Dejan MilanovicOnline marketing manager
Jevgenia PurkertOnline marketing manager
Linus StetterWorking Student
Lara MoricWorking Student
Solene KörberWorking Student
Leon RehmWorking Student